Quinta das Covas


The time of the Bísaro pig slaughter is much anticipated and worked for throughout the year. After the pig has been fattened, it's time for the slaughter and afterwards the party. The meat will be turned into sausages and hams that are consumed in the next 12 months. Although this tradition doesn’t have the importance of times gone by, it is one of the timeless rituals that occupy all the villagers, providing enjoyable times of coming together among neighbours.

Maintaining the traditions that shape the region’s culture, is of crucial importance their further development. That is why this event at Quinta das Covas includes the traditional pig slaughter. For this, we rely on the presence of our intrepid visitors, the help of brave men from the countryside and the professional pig slaughterer.

This is also the time to celebrate the feast of S. Martinho (St. Martin), to taste freshly roasted chestnuts and enjoy a smooth liquor in a traditional Magusto (St. Martin’s party where we drink new wine and eat roasted chestnuts). This ends the series of parties organized by Quinta das Covas.

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