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"The celebrations at work have made these kinds of gatherings more appealing. On other days it could be missing, but at the dinner (lunch) of the segada (reaping from sunrise to sunset) 'everybody took pleasure in presenting the best they had: ham, lamb, cascanho (bread), ear, Butel (smoked sausage)'.

This is how the historian Belarmino Afonso describes the agricultural workers 40 years ago, in his research on “Roçadas e Tradições comunitárias no Planalto da Lombada” (Reaping and community traditions in the Planalto da Lombada).

Indeed, in Trás-os-Montes, the months of the year are accompanied by many types of festival, called the Ciclo Festivo (Series of parties).

These parties were and still are not only determined by the liturgical calendar, but also by agricultural work. Each type of agricultural work is marked by a celebration, in which the community gathers, imbued with a spirit of arduous but joyful toil.

Quinta das Covas, aiming to continue to do what is most authentic in Trás-os-Montes, organizes a Ciclo Festivo (Series of Parties), five parties linked to traditions and agricultural work. At this Ciclo Festivo (Series of Parties), there is space for the sale, exhibition and tasting of regional products as well as transmitting traditional recipes, where visitors can enjoy the cuisine, scenery, knowledge and the affable hospitality of the local people.

Ciclo Festivo
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